Another week, another team of bulldogs. Auburn is favored to beat this pack by seven points—wait, make that seven times seven. Good grief. Good times.

Well, it’s not good. The 64 degrees wouldn’t be that bad, if it stayed dry. But the rain in Spain looks like it is going to fall mainly on the Plains. There’s a 75 percent chance of the sky water at kickoff. That bumps up to 100 percent by halftime. Might even be thunderstorming by the time it’s over. Fingers crossed we won’t be singing CCR...

Believe it or not, it’s there. The two schools used to meet quite a bit once upon a gridiron, though mostly when they both technically had different names. The first game? 1903... and it was crazy.

Instead of trying to focus on the eagle with binoculars you're not allowed to take into the stadium on Saturday (at least inside a case—see details on Auburn's prohibited item list here), get up close and personal the night before at Football, Fans and Feathers at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine's Southeastern Raptor Center. It's become a favorite Friday fan fun-tivity in recent years. And you don't just get to peep the eagles—$5 gets you photo ops with eagles, hawks, owls, falcons and any other birds of prey Auburn's wing-healing beast masters have on hand. And you get to see them fly around. It's cool. It's educational. The hour-long show starts at 4 p.m. the Friday before every Auburn home game at the 350-seat Edgar B. Carter Educational Amphitheater, located at 1350 Pratt-Carden Drive off Shug Jordan Parkway. Kids three and under and get in for free.

If raptors aren’t your thing, you can tour Auburn’s fancy new 16,000 square feet locker room from 4-6 p.m. at Jordan-Hare Stadium’s Gate 10. Or head to the Auburn Alumni Center on S. College Street for a 4 p.m. campus tour courtesy of the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen.

After that, you can send the team off for the night in style at the Reverse Tiger Walk, which starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Athletics Complex.

The Coca-Cola Tigers Fan Fest starts at 8 a.m. Giveaways. Bounce houses. A DJ. Good times. Of course, chances are you'll also want to hit Tiger Walk, which starts at the same time. The often imitated, never duplicated tradition starts at the Athletic Complex on S. Donahue Drive will start, as always, two hours before kickoff. You'll want to find a spot early.

After Tiger Walk comes the short Spirit March, then a pep rally at the corner of Heisman Drive and Donahue Drive.

If you didn't see the eagle flight, did you even go to the game? It's debatable. To be safe, make sure you're in your seat, cameras ready, by 10:45 a.m. Of course, I'm not sure the eagle flies in rain, so...

The latest example of Auburn’s unparalleled pregame patriotism? Hosting and honoring five living Medal of Honor recipients, including 1962 Auburn grad General James Livingston. That starts at 10:30 a.m.

At halftime, area Purple Heart recipients will will be recognized and join the color guard detail sporting 50 American flags.

Unfortunately, they're on the prohibited item list. You can obviously bring in a rain poncho, as long as it's not in a backpack or duffel bag or big purse or anything. Jordan-Hare, like most SEC stadiums these days, only allows clear bags to make it through the gates. Nothing but see-through totes and gallon-sized freezer bags. You can take a clutch with you as long as it’s no larger than 4.5″ by 6.5″. You can find more information here.

Saturday may be 2019's last "see you at the corner" lock, at least if we're to believe this whole 7-touchdown spread...

The university is still asking that you refrain from rolling the new Toomer's Oaks (or rather the new new Toomer's Oaks), but since fans have established plenty of new targets around Toomer's Corner (and a decent stretch of Samford Lawn), you'll hardly notice.

Stay up to date before, during and after the game by following’s Tom Green, new beat writer Giana Han, and aldotcomSports.

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