Fantasy Podcast: Strong second-half rookies and Week 12 preview

Are we seeing the end of Philip Rivers? On a scale of 1-gross, how bad was Goff vs. Trubisky last week? Oh, and what’s going on with Nelson Agholor’s supposed burner account? Liz Loza and Matt Harmon discuss that and much more on the latest Yahoo Fantasy Football Podcast, starting with the…shall we say…rough outing between the Rams and Bears last Sunday night. (1:30) On Monday night, the Chiefs beat the Chargers in Mexico City, but most notable were Philip Rivers’ 4 picks. Is the veteran quarterback nearing the end? (7:10) Elsewhere in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been holding their own even though they’re dealing with a plethora of injuries to their top fantasy weapons. JuJu Smith-Schuster has already been ruled out, James Conner is questionable, and Diontae Johnson is in concussion protocol. Have the surprisingly .500 Steelers finally about collapse under the weight of injuries?(10:30) Speaking of surprises, the lowly Falcons have won two games in a row by a margin of 55-12. What’s behind Atlanta’s sudden resurgence, and should we pay attention to this team in the second half? (16:25) Next, Liz and Matt discuss some rookies who could pro...

Feb. 1, 2018 – Canadian Biomass takes a look at the newest boiler technology for Canadian

Feb. 1, 2018 – Canadian Biomass takes a look at the newest boiler technology for Canadian customers in 2018. ProcessBarronProcessBarron has developed proprietary techniques using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to “particle-track” the heavier, wear-agent particles in the gas stream. Particles greater than 15 microns are the ones that create the erosion. Using CFD, rotor geometry is augmented or altered to control the path of these heavy particles through the rotor. By minimizing their contact in highly stressed areas of the rotor to eliminate the erosion, a substantial increase in rotor life is possible. Compte FournierProduits Forestier de Petit Paris, a 7.5 MW (25.6 MBTU) boiler installation was the company’s third project using steam energy. Installed in 2016 it was designed to produce five to 16 t/h steam for the dry kiln of the sawmill. It’s the first biomass boiler, which can provide an efficiency superior to 90 per cent using bark with high humidity (greater than 65 per cent). The boiler room consists of a 7.5 MW (25.6 MBTU) boiler that is fed with an automatic moving floor and independent conveyor