If you ride a bike at home, you know that every place has its “insider” tips and that being familiar with those tips can make your life much easier… Here you have some Insider tips from Tenerife.

First of all, you are going to cross with very few bikes (unless it’s a weekend) and almost every biker will raise a hand or some fingers or a foot in greeting. Here, we all greet each other on the road. This applies everywhere except in cities or towns where you are too busy swerving for those niceties.

Price of fuel in different stations

In petrol stations, which are mostly self-service, fill your own tank. Don’t let the attendant do it as you run the risk that they “hang” the pistol in your tank bending the tank top or worse, tearing it off! And, if you can, download a mobile App for Petrol Stations where you can see the fuel prices before choosing a refueling place. For some reason unknown to this writer the differences can be almost  a 20% ( Yes, twenty per cent!) and it will be well worth riding a couple extra miles.  Just imagine, you pay ten liters, you get twelve. It is well worth it!


These images were taken the same day on two petrol stations less that a mile apart. In Diesel fuel the difference is  9,3%, but in super 98 the difference is a shocking 17,5%!!!

Yes, and if you come from a place where fuel is expensive (and that covers almost all of Europe) you will be surprised with local fuel prices. Fuel carries less tax weight here. But, don’t make the mistake of fuelling your bike with 98 octane fuel, since it comes so cheap, unless you are riding a Racing or Super Sports bike. If your bike features a low or middle compression engine, up to 9:1, as in Custom bikes or city runners like scooters , you will be losing money and it will do absolutely no good. Using 98 instead of 95 in those engines wont make them smoother or nippier!

To enjoy a good ride, almost al, the island is OK except the urban areas which are rather congested. But, curiously, the moment you leave the built areas and head up the Mountains traffic disappears as by Harry Potter’s magic wand. You will be riding on your own, or almost. Look at a map of Tenerife and you will understand, 90% of the population lives in the first 400 mts (1200ft) above sea level. Get above that mark and you will enjoy your ride much more!

But, that also means that petrol stations will be few and far between. On one hand, when you have less traffic in front of your station the business is not so good, a fuel pump is a business and has to show profit, which will be hard if you are away from the trodden paths. And, on the other hand, 43 % of Tenerife grounds are protected space, as in National Park or Natural Scenic place, and you cant set up a dirty, polluting and potentially dangerous petrol station in such a place.


The dots in the picture are petrol stations. Look at the void in the Island`s center and you will understand!

Yes, you read properly, almost half the island is protected space. When you see how beautiful it is you will see why. And start thinking about refueling when the needle gets down to half….

Now you have your bike, and we hope you rented it from us, Tenerife Custom Cruisers! www.mbmtenerife.com,  and you know how to keep the tank full. Read further posts to know where to go, what time is best, how to dress up and where to stop for lunch, which is also important!