Hire a Custom Motorbike in Tenerife with Custom Cruisers. Free delivery to hotels in the South. Book online or call us at (+34) 611 490 677






750 c.c.  50HP @6000rpm – weight 405 lb – Seat height  302in.  5 speed, shaft drive. Brakes: disc/disc.

Bike has: passenger backrest (sissy bar), saddle bags,  crash bars, GPS/phone holder, 12v + USB ports.

For the biker: Helmet/s (Brain box/es), wind breaker, map. Optional:  leathers, gloves.

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2-3 Days: 60€  ·  4-7 Days: 55€  ·  8 or more: 50€
Deposit: 300€ for each bike rental.
Payment methods: cash or most used credit or debit cards.


Minimum rental period; 2 days


(Small print, please read it, it is important and we kept it short)

Rental includes the bike, gear, unlimited mileage, insurances and taxes.

Does NOT include: Traffic fines, blown tires or breakdowns caused by improper use of the bike. These will be at the driver’s expense, who when renting the bike constitutes a deposit as guarantee of agreement.


You have to always respect the Traffic laws and rules. You cannot ride on non-surfaced or dirt roads. You cannot leave the island without written permission from Tenerife Custom Cruisers.

You have to be over 30, and/or have held a valid motorcycle driving license for over 5 years and/or have heavy motorcycle riding experience.

Delivery and collection:

We will pick you up AT NO EXTRA COST at your lodging in the South of Tenerife, area between Los Cristianos and Callao Salvaje. For other  pickup points, pls check with us by mail. or phone (0034)611490677 We speak your language. Remember there are no roaming charges anymore!

If you suffer a delay when returning your bike: Call us and it will be OK for a reasonable length of time. Otherwise we will charge you half a day`s rent for delays of more than three hours.




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I loved this bike (MOTO GUZZI) I wish I had more time to enjoy it.

Saturnino F.