There is much, much to do on this island, but a bike is agile and can use any road when cars have to stand in line and find nowhere to park once they arrive…

You have the advantage of flexibility, and we will use it.  You have a map that we have given you with the bike you may have rented with us. You can divide the island to see it, in four parts:

  1. The higher part of Tenerife, National Park Las Canadas del Teide
  2. The west and south, from Los Gigantes to Güimar
  3. The North from Punta Del Hidalgo to Punta de Teno
  4. The East with La Laguna, Anaga and Santa Cruz.

Our cruise through the island of Tenerife starts in El Teide

The first thing you have to do, the “Wow-Cool-Wicked –Flippin’ Smashin’” is to visit El Teide and its National Park, so, let’s go, use route TF-51 and once there stop at several of the Miradores and don’t use up all the photo space in your camera! You will see why you cannot miss it. From there we will drive down by the TF-21 to La Orotava, to see the Casa de los Balcones and the house across the street, just as beautiful (there is a parking lot behind); then we descend to the coast, to Puerto de la Cruz. (It is quite well signposted) It is best to stop near City Hall (there is always room to park a bike) and take a walk through San Telmo seafront to the natural pools decorated by Cesar Manrique, then use the pedestrian streets to the Plaza del Charco to have a coffee in one of the terraces ….. It’s beautiful.

The North-West of Tenerife.

From there we continue along the coast, by the TF-5 route, to Icod de los Vinos. You have to see the famous Millenary Dragon Tree, and the Piazza San Marco, which is the one next to the Dragon, there is a charming XVII century church and a Rubber tree so impressive that many tourists think is the famous Dragon! You will be assaulted by people inviting you to taste & buy the local wines.

Remember: 1) you can taste but not buy, and 2) you are riding a bike! Keep dry!

Continue along the coast to Garachico. To the right you can see La Palma island, about 60 km away, it is visible on clear days from the entire coast.  Once in Garachico, see the central square (it is pedestrian but you can skirt it and find a discreet parking spot) and have a drink at the kiosk in the square… just like the locals on Sundays a hundred years ago… The city was destroyed in 1706 by the eruption of the Black Mountain volcano which is behind and above it. Castle San Miguel is all that remains of it, it is actually a wide and low tower … but authentic. Visit it and think that in the past 20 guys used to soldier, live and train in there doing the military service. A bit crowded no?  …. Amazing.

From there we follow route TF-42, after La Caleta, turn right in Los Silos to reach the Puertito de Los Silos, you’ll see the skeleton of a whale that moored there  and was mounted on columns … it does not appear in the Tourist guides but I love it!

Return to TF-42 and continue to Buenavista Del Norte. Main Square is a usual biker stop, you might find some there. Before going any further find out  if the road to Punta Teno is open (it is a very beautiful but troublesome route for its difficulty, hanging from some cliffs that rise vertically from the sea, with tunnels, etc.) and if it is open then do not hesitate to get to the Lighthouse in  Punta Teno. Your prize will be to see from there Los Gigantes, La Gomera, the lighthouse built on the lava, and to go through the opening scenes of the movie “Fast and Furious   6″ which was filmed almost wholly here in Tenerife.

Then, get back to Buenavista and turn right toward the mountains using route TF-436. I hope that by now you have eaten and your stomach is settled because you’re going through curves until you say enough! We can throw away the two higher gears in your bike because with the lower three you have more than enough.

Follow the road, passing El Palmar, Las Portelas, Los Carrizales and you soon see from there the village of Masca. A stop at Masca is mandatory; you are going to arrive there in the afternoon when the bulk of the tourists are already gone.

Out of Masca, going up all the time, one curve after another, a little before reaching the top there is a mirador on the left, it is worth to stop there, and you can see all the Barranco de Masca with the village below and the island of La Gomera to the left in the background-

In Santiago del Teide you have a bar, almost out of the village to the left, where it is rare NOT see a handful of bikes stopped and bikers sitting at the tables outside. There are two options, according to the energy you have, the longer but nicer take route TF-82 to Tamaimo and then the TF-454 to the coast in Los Gigantes, you can see the cliffs and the Lighthouse in Punta Teno where you were before … if road was open, as I write this is closed … ..Again! Thence along the coast (TF-47) get back home.

The other option, if you want to get back quickly, is, off Santiago, take left and join highwayTF-1 which in a few minutes takes you back to where you started.

Ah, yes, supplies …. To refuel, in the North coast between Puerto de la Cruz and Icod there are several gas stations that have the best prices.  And I have not said anything about where to eat, that is a world apart and one day I will write an article just for this. But in general, in the North, outside the tourist areas, almost anywhere you will eat well and cheaply.

For fans of the GPS, here you have the coordinates





Teide National Park/ Mirador

28.223134, -16.631285

Orotava/Casa de los Balcones

28.388344, -16.525845

Masca villaje

28.305710, -16.840249

Paseo San Telmo Puerto de la Cruz

28.417207, -16.547773

Mirador over Masca

28.300246, -16.826761

Icod- Dragon Tree

28.366877, -16.721899

Bar Tropical Santiago d.Teide

28.293456, -16.815498


28.372871, -16.764669

Straight back: Highway

28.290972, -16.813591

Puertito Los Silos

28.380250, -16.815266

Back by Mirador Los  Gigantes

28.240495, -16.837007

Buenavista main sq.

28.372021, -16.851567

Punta Teno Lighthouse

28.342397, -16.922560