If you’re wracking your brain to find the perfect gift, look no further. We’ve scoured our sources and uncovered quality, affordable items that are beautifully designed with practical solutions in mind. From eyestrain to misplaced phones, discover the gifts that solve daily woes and add a little cheer to the new year.

Give a gift to your eyes—and your coworker’s. OttLite’s energy-efficient LED desk lamp reduces eye strain by up to 50%. Elegant and adjustable, this black desk lamp has brass accents and three light color and brightness modes, for work and leisure. We especially love the built-in USB port. Available on Amazon; $69.99.

Know someone who can't keep track of their belongings? The makers behind the Tile tracker now offer Tile Sticker. Simply press the adhesive Tile sticker to a phone, camera, remote control, or whatever else gets lost frequently and pair it with your smart device—never misplace anything again! With a three-year battery life and the ability to make your phone ring—even when it’s silenced—Tile Stickers may be the best stocking stuffer of all. Available on Amazon; $39.95 for a two pack.

Purses and backpacks can be black holes where your keys and wallet go in and then seem to disappear. This smart handbag light will be a game changer for those who are always rummaging. The light turns on when it senses your hand, charges on the go, and illuminates even the deepest recesses. Available at The Grommet; $34.95.

Concerts and movies can be challenging places for anyone with sensitive ears. Vibes’ Hi-Fidelity Earplugs reduce noise levels by about 22 decibels, without sacrificing sound quality. The low-profile plugs make an excellent gift for anyone who's been missing out on the entertainment. Available at The Grommet; $23.95.

A perfect gift for the runner in your life: enjoy safe, nighttime jogs with 4aid’s Safety Lights. Designed to slip directly over the heels of running shoes, these waterproof silicon lights minimize safety risks – like stumbling over rocks – and also make you more visible to passing cars. Available at The Grommet; $16.95.

Pretty and handy, the Handy Hammer Tool is five tools in one—though you’d never know it. Made of nickel and brass, it is strong enough for most household tasks, yet won’t require a whole tool box to store. Twist the handle to reveal a screwdriver and screw bits (two flat head and two Phillips head tips). Available at The Container Store; $9.99.

Busy travelers will appreciate the convenience of the BenjiLock Travel Lock. With its 33mm lock body, chrome-plated steel shackle, and fingerprint touch panel, this heavy-duty lock uses advanced fingerprint technology for maximum security. Plus the fingerprint touch means no longer having to fumble with keys or worrying about cut locks. Available at The Home Depot; $40.36.

Nearly everyone on your list can benefit from being organized in the new year. The iconic Moleskine planners have simple pages that can be used for elaborate bullet journals or just jotting down your to-do list. Choose from daily, weekly, and monthly editions, in bold shades of black, sapphire blue, and scarlet red. Available on Amazon; $24.99.

Great things come in small packages, which is true of Matador’s Pocket Blanket 2.0. The ultra-lightweight fabric is water-resistant and covers a 63-inch by 44-inch area. Ideal for picnics, camping, and plane travel, the Pocket Blanket is a useful gift for any travel our outdoor enthusiast. Available on Amazon; $29.99.

Bring a smile to daily chores with Grove Collaborative's Sinkside Accessory Set. Beautiful and useful, this caddy includes a scrubber sponge, dish brush, and stoneware tray. All materials and ingredients are non-toxic, and plastics are BPA-free. Available at Grove Collaborative; $39.75.

Safety is a gift with no price. So $12 seems very reasonable for these cut-resistant gloves, woven from food safe polyethylene, glass fiber, and Spandex. Sized to fit snugly and without additional bulk, these gloves prevent injury in the kitchen, workshop, garage, and outdoors. Available on Amazon; $11.49.

Tune in and zone out. Bose’s Soundlink Micro Speaker lasts up to six hours and pairs seamlessly with any Bluetooth device. This waterproof model has a 30-foot range and a built-in speakerphone, if you absolutely must pause the music to take a call. Available on Amazon; $99.

While you’re probably giving this to a human, the pets will see it as a present too. Any cat or dog will enjoy plopping onto these bolster cushions, while their owners will be happy that the furniture isn’t getting covered in fur. Available at Plow & Hearth; starting at $39.95.

The right product can make life simpler. Made of silicone and glass, ONELID stays cool to the touch, doubles as a strainer, and disperses steam evenly, preventing liquids from boiling over. Oh yes, and it also fits most pots (up to 8.75 inches in diameter). Give it to the friend who's cooking in a tiny kitchen. Available at The Grommet; $39.95.

Sip, savor, and give (or keep) Ninja’s Cold and Hot Brewing System. This versatile machine lets you brew multiple sizes, hot or iced beverages, and turns milk into froth in seconds. Easy to use, Ninja will keep you caffeinated or relaxed, whatever your pleasure. Available on Amazon; $165.

Give someone an ironing-free new year—and no, we don’t mean a dry cleaner’s gift certificate. Magic Pro’s portable steamer heats up in 25 seconds, removes wrinkles, and sanitizes everything from clothes to curtains and upholstery. It’s easy to store at home and compact enough to fit in a suitcase. Available on Amazon; $34.99.

Durable, sleek, and breathable, Milwaukee’s high-performance work gloves will make winter yard work so much more enjoyable. Designed with technology in mind, these gloves can operate touch screens, and are flexible enough for detail work and picking up small objects. Available at The Home Depot; $14.97.

Whether you need a gift for your boss, kid’s teacher, or a Marie Kondo superfan, look no further than DYMO’s 21st century label maker. Tasks are made easier and faster thanks to a computer-style keyboard. Customize your labels with a range of colors, symbols, and styles. Automatic switch-off means batteries last longer. Available on Amazon; $24.38.

The X-Mount Smart Phone Holder is made for biking—and staying connected. The silicon straps are designed for maximum functionality, so you can stay safe and keep your phone in view. Available at Target; $9.49.

Chic and secure, this travel wallet blocks radio frequency identification (RFID) from gaining access to sensitive data, credit cards, and electronics that are stored inside. This beautifully-designed leather wallet comes in dozens of colors and is super affordable. Novice and expert travelers will appreciate that it keeps a passport, tickets, credit cards, money, and cell phone safe and organized. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

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