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Society may be moving away from paper toward digital records, but desk lamps continue to have a role in the workplace or in the home even if you're rarely hunched over your desk, staring at a pile of paper these days.

The best desk lamps take full advantage of LED lighting technology, creating lamps that are both stylish and energy efficient. The great quality of light you receive from LED makes these lamps enjoyable to use anytime you need a bit of extra light.

Some people may even prefer a desk style lamp on a nightstand near the bed because they work great as a reading lamp for those times when you prefer a printed book over an iPad. We've researched dozens of desk lamps to find the best ones for different people's needs.

After all, it takes the right type of desk light to help inspire the brightest of ideas! (Feel free to groan aloud; we did as we wrote it.)

We love the versatility in the Lumiy Lightblade 1500S desk lamp, as you can adjust it to meet whatever lighting needs you may have. The Lightblade 1500S has a USB charging port in the base of the lamp, which is an extremely convenient feature you're sure to use regularly, according to the Cosy Offices review.

The 1500S has a pivoting head that lets you swing the light bar into the perfect position over the desk. Additionally, the Lumiy 1500S lamp offers easily adjustable color brightness and color temperature through a touch switch on the lamp's base. You can bring the brightness down from 1,100 lux to 500 lux or adjust the color temperature from 6,600k to 1,800k.

In its review, the Reactual blog says the Lumiy Lightblade desk lamp's LED light bar provides a light quality that's very similar to natural sunlight. That makes it easier on the eyes and better for artists who need neutral lighting that won't skew color hues.

Many Amazon customers love this desk lamp and give it great reviews. One buyer says this the lamp has an excellent build quality and offers a host of desirable features. Most agree that it's a great lamp, but some mention quibbles. Another Amazon customer said the lamp emitted a low noise when it was plugged in and turned off. It seems to be a rare problem, though.

If you need an energy efficient LED desk lamp that looks a bit modern, provides natural light, and works in a variety of situations, the Lumiy Lightblade 1500S desk lamp is a good choice.

Pros: Great set of helpful features, excellent light quality, USB charging port in the base, head will pivot to fit different sized desks, offers variable brightness and color temperature settings

Cons: Black desk lamp seems to collect fingerprints, price is a little high, modern look isn't for everyone

If you like products that serve multiple purposes, you'll love the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with its built-in wireless charger, USB charging port, and many adjustable settings. Since this is a guide for desk lamps, we'll talk about that aspect first.

You turn the lamp on and off with the tap of a finger on the touch-sensitive power button. There's also a ring that regulates the brightness of the lamp and a button that you can tap multiple times to get five different color temperatures for your light. That way, you can decide how bright and how blue you want your light. 

Because I have the TaoTronics lamp next to my bed, I typically have it on the lowest brightness setting and the highest color temperature setting. But when I really need light, I can amp up the brightness with a swipe of my finger. And this lamp gets bright — very bright.

You can also adjust the direction of the light, thanks to the nifty blade-like design of the lamp head. The lamp's head tilts up to 135 degrees and rotates up to 180 degrees, and the arm can be tilted up to 150 degrees and it swivels 90 degrees. It's a very modern design, and it does take up space, but this lamp is incredibly functional. 

The wireless charging pad built into the lamp's base can charge your iPhone X, 8, or 8 Plus with the optimal 7.5 Watts of power. If you have an Android phone, you get 10 Watts of power for quick wireless charging. There's a small rubbery ring on the wireless charger, so your phone won't slide off. I use it to charge my phone every night on my bedside table, and it works like a charm.

TaoTronics also added a USB port in the back of the lamp so you can charge your phone with a cable instead. You could also charge your phone wirelessly and charge another device via a cable at the same time, which is great for multi-device households and tech nerds like me. — Malarie Gokey

Pros: Wireless charging, USB-A charging port for another device, varying light color/temperature and brightness, lamp's head is adjustable

If the contemporary style of most modern desk lamps does nothing to inspire you, we have the answer. The Torchstar Traditional Banker's Lamp has the classic style of desk lamp that you see in old-timey movies. It's such a classic look that when you look in the dictionary under the term traditional desk lamp, a picture of this lamp should be included.

The satin brass finish on the base, classic pull chain, and antique style emerald green lampshade are very retro and old school. You can rotate the lampshade to direct the light where you need it. In its review, The Fab Healthy Life blog review points out that the metal base and post are well made and sturdy, too.

Bathtub Led Light

The Torchstar desk lamp uses an E26 style light bulb, so you can use replaceable incandescent, fluorescent, or LED light bulbs with it. It's nice to have a choice in which type of bulb you use, though we do recommend you go with a LED bulb for energy efficiency. However, one Amazon customer reported the bulb generated too much heat

Pros: Excellent traditional look, all-metal structure, reasonable price point, can accept any type of E26 bulb, easy to set up and use, 6-foot power cord

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